SANDSARA Adorable Kinetic Sculpture

Affordable than any other kinetic sculptures available in the market.


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  • SANDSARA is the world’s first kinetic sculpture that creates mesmerizing patterns with the sphere at home with endless infinite cycle patterns you can imagine.
  • With their App’s you can design your own pattern in SANDSARA utilizing the 100% of sand bed space with infinite artwork in one place with unique and eye-catching experience.
  • SANDSARA is available in two frames Halo and Stelle in two different colors Dark Walnut and Birch with 450 Chamfer over the edges and comes with additional add-ons like RGB integrated lighting and stand.


SANDSARA is the world’s first Sculpture that can draw infinite patterns on sand which mesmerizes you at the home and connects to your brain very deeply & primal with the perpetually changing patterns in the sand bed.

The motion of the sphere in sand makes you mesmerizing like a magic in SANDSARA which can draw unique kinetic sculpture patterns remembers you the moments of your life like the waves crashing on the beach, the name of the kinetic sculpture stands for infinite cycle where everything born, die and reborn.

SANDSARA implies that all your current actions implies on the future and affect everything in the universe like you are standing and staring at the sequences new patterns in the SANDSARA make you to think of this beautiful concerted patterns which perfectly suits your purpose.

SANDSARA is beautiful inside and out with the powerful mechanism where SANDSARA will able to move the sphere in every possible direction that fills the 100% sand bed with patterns forming an elegant and eye catching patterns by eliminating all the unused place.

Problem solving by this product


The kinetic Sculptures are very bulk and expensive while the SANDSARA resolves the problem with the simplified elegant design which is compact and more affordable than any other kinetic sculptures available in the market.

SANDSARA doesn’t require any advanced skill just DIY skill to draw the patterns which will made you fall in love with the pattern you drawn by connecting the brains deeply and unexplained experience when the sphere moves in the sand appears to be mesmerizing.

SANDSARA is like infinite cycle implies all actions happening around us allows you think beautifully as the previous patterns erased while the new ones emerges.

SANDSARA is beautifully crafted inside and out with 450 Chamfer over the edge without compromising the quality at every stage and perfectly utilizes the 100% sand bed space provided and catches the eyes who enter the room.

SANDSARA is like infinite artwork at one single place which allows you to incredibly create new patterns with simple X & Y co-ordinates thought their app which is compatible for both iOS and Android so that you can experiment new patterns every time.

SANDSARA frame comes in two different styles with the hand-finished machined wood and protected with thin layers of wax, they are Halo which perfectly fits in any room and the Stelle a six-pointed start shape.

You can also add RGB lighting to the SANDSARA as you get bored with the normal one and even can elevate the SANDSARA with stand.

Detailed specification

SANDSARA is beautiful world’s first kinetic sculpture that can draw infinite pattern in the sand bed with the extreme powerful mechanism opening the door to be beautiful inside and out as well.

SANDSARA has the innovative mechanism that will move the sphere in every angle which allows you to draw patterns or paths that fill the sand bed completely without wasting any space creating an elegant and eye catching experience.

The SANDSARA is like infinite artwork in one single object with over more than 100 patterns in their library and building your own pattern is also very easy as the mechanism understand x and y coordinates.

Their app is compatible with both iOS and Android that can translate the existing formats creating infinite endless possibilities to load pretty much ones and enjoy all the design that you can imagine.

SANDSARA will be living art that always evolving like an infinite life-cycle like a new kind of life form which never cease to exist and will be a different & perfect gift for the ones who enjoy harmony that remains a memory forever.

The Frame of the SANDSARA is made with high quality exceptional material with a beautiful frame outlines with 450 chamfer over the edges with the wooden with walnut and birch for the elegant appearance with hand-finish and protected with thin layers of wax which is soft to touch.

SANDSARA comes in two different frames one is frame Halo with the sand pattern in the circular shape that fits perfectly in any room and the Stelle which is of star form inspired by the center of attraction in space and the sand pattern fits precisely in six-pointed star shape, you can choose the frame that suits your taste while all the pattern will fit in both forms.

They have solved all the kinematic equations internally and you just need to give the x and y co-ordinates to draw your own pattern and these patters will also work in the other frames also or even you can choose predefined ones.

SANDSARA also has two add-ons you can mount on the stand or the Aura comes with the integrated RBG colors for those who are bored with normal tone and make their room even more attractive and colorful.

The SANDSARA halo frame with Birch color is priced at $349 while the Dark Walnut colored one is priced at $399. The Stelle model with Birch color is priced at $549 the Dark Walnut color is priced at $599.

Plan for launch

The idea of the SANDSARA is started earlier in the year 2019 and the product is launched in online platforms for crowdfunding in March 2020 and the backers surveys area taken in April 2020 while the manufacturing of the product SANDSARA is started in the April 2020 at full scale and the assembly of the products are made in July 2020 along with the quality control and other fulfillment in August 2020.

Company details

This SANDSARA is developed by the team of engineers, designers and other who are passionate about the project and after the first version which got response and then then improved version is introduced and powered by many ones like YANKO DESIGN which is online magazine company dedicated to cover the international product design started in the year 2002 and grown as the international company.

Takashi Yamada is the founder of the company while Jason Hui is the executive advisor, Nancy Wang working as Strategy officer, Sarang Sheth is chief editor in the company along with many other team members.

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