Top 8 Free Accounting Software for Indian Small Industries (2020)

Best free accounting softare

roviding free accounting software to the small businesses having turnover less than 1.5 crores, is an additional step to help small and medium enterprises form the GSTN Council of India. It was officially announced in January 2019.  Now it is available since May 2019 to download free of cost from the GSTN site by the registered users.


For this GSTN has partner with 8 billing Accounting and Billing software company for providing free software to small and medium enterprises, having turnover less than 1.5 crores. This is indeed very welcome step form GSTN.

Here is the Step-by-Step guide on How to download these free Accounting and Billing Software for the GSTN site.

  1. This free software is available for only GST registered enterprises whose turnover is less than 1.5 crores, basically for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises “MSMEs”.


Go to GSTN login portal and login with your user ID and password.

Go to Download Section under Accounting and Billing Software

A pop-up window will appear asking about confirmation whether your turnover is below 1.5 crore or not. You have to select Yes to proceed to next step.

  • Once you select the option Yes, vendor list will open. Here you can choose the software as per your requirement of your business. Free demo version is available on the sites of these software. It is better to have some hands on of this software or one can take the recommendation.


  • As you make up your mind and select the software, some features, support, available version, system requirement, product detail and download will appear.
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  • You can also have a look about some common and specific features. For this just click on the
  • Common Free Features: and 2. Specific Features of Zoho Books:

We have taken the Common Free Features: and 2. Specific Features of Zoho Books: just for reference as mentioned below. You can go through for another software as per your requirements.

Common Free Features

1. System should have access for Single User
2. System should be in English and have all item Units, Financial Years Facility
3. Supplier, Customers Master Directory with all the required field
4. Sale / Purchase, Cash Bank Ledger
5. Should be able to Print invoices and ledger
6. Should have easy migration of data from one accounting & billing software to another accounting & billing software
7. Item (SKU) Search – Search Item by Bar Code, Short Code or by Description.
8. Item master with HSN code, description, Unit of measure (UoM), price, tax rate etc.
9. Taxation – Automatic calculation of Taxes (GST) payable. Rate of tax must be editable in the item master
10. Charges – Includes other charges in the bill.
11. Cancelling/ Voiding – Sales Bill can be cancelled any time before submission
12. Search Bill from history- By customer, date or bill number. Min 3 month period for search. For archival, period will be 5 years. Goods return facility
13. System should be able to issue/display Credit note Debit note including pending & Replacement Notes
14. Supplier Selection – Enter purchase bill either by Supplier or Cash Purchase. Manage supplier master.
15. Generation of purchase order and maintenance of purchase register
16. Linking of supplier’s invoice with Purchase Order
17. Automated inventory update basis purchase
18. Taxation – Automated calculation of GST payable per Purchase Order.
19. Search purchase – By supplier, date and bill number, it also should show supplier Wise. Min 3-month period for search. For archival, period will be 5 years.
20. Generate Profit and Loss and Balance sheet
21. Sales/ Purchase Register Report – Detailed, Day wise, Item wise Month wise, Quarter for the period selected.
22. Sales / Purchase receivable and payable Report
23. Stock Report, Return History Report
24. Cash and bank book
25. System should be able to export reports and all data to Excel/PDF or any other format as required for returns.
26. Generate outward supply return like GSTR3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-4, GSTR 9 or any other returns as the case may be
27. Generating mismatch report between downloaded GSTR2A and Local purchase register to help prepare GSTR2.
28. Create mismatch report based on GSTR-2A downloaded from GST portal and Purchase register maintained by the system and then create GSTR-2
29. Create draft Annual Return based on monthly/quarterly returns filed.

Special Features of Zoho Books

1. Free Eway Bill generation
2. Free ‘One click’ GST return filing. Zoho is a GSP
3. Free mobile apps
4. Direct partnerships with banks for Digital payments to receive payments online, pay supplier payments and automate bank reconciliation
  • Now you have decided and selected your software. Click on the download link of your selected software. A disclaimer window will appear asking for “Declaration by the Taxpayer” that your turnover is less than 1.5 crores. Now you accept and download the software.


Each software vendor has provided their Toll-Free, Support number, email id and chat facility. In case somebody having trouble, they can reach and ask for their support to the software vendor.

This is very welcomed step by the present Government and GSTN which is going to help more and more MSMEs in the coming time.