In all developing nations are becoming digital nation day by day. In recent COVID-19 time the digital wallet transaction has been record high in all over the India and rest of world also. Because of that the role of cybersecurity also getting very relevant today. In this post we will analyze the top 5 technologies which are helping the digital transformation to be more secure and making our life simpler in moving forward.

The good point is Technology can be used to combat cyber threats, attacks – Unknown

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

data loss prevention

In recent time you may heard that cybercriminals are selling different types of personal, self assessment data online and sometimes they post it online also. Once any sensitive data is public in the internet, this is very much impossible to get rid of that. The internet is made of many and many layers of servers etc. To conduct the recoveries you may seen that your web application needs to be get password reset after sometimes.

Using DLP techniques you can organize and keep your sensitive data not to be published and accessible easily for others. You can often use different types of software to keep the sensitive data safe of your personal life and your organizations also. The key approaches to take the DLP in real life needs to take on :

  • Making proper identifications of the data is sensitive or not.
  • Giving user access information properly and constantly monitoring and controlling endpoint activities.
  • Keeping checkpoint that which data is uploaded to any listed malicious website or cloud applications or not.
  • Making dashboard and reports to make easy visualization of the status of data and keeping your organization to cyber rule compliant with government agencies.
  • Putting the practice of end-to end data encryption.

Hardware Authentication

usb security key

Basic user name and password based authentication has proven that they have their shortcomings. It can be cracked from remote locations. So many organizations are bringing hardware driven user authentications in their cyber security practices.

Biometric Recognition

Retina scan, face detection based application can easily be incorporated in the security system using cheaper hardware these days. These can be added as extra security checkpoints in the different positions in the organizations. Like fingerprints the retina also has unique signature to identity between two people.

USB Security Dongle

These small USB pluggable devices or tokens can be attached with USB port to authenticate the user. Using dongle based security is becoming common for the different softwares. This add extra physical layer of security to access the digital assets.

User and Bots behavior Analysis

user data analysis

The cybersecurity can be compromised from the inside also. This type of User and Bots behavior analysis over the network can help you to understand the daily data usage pattern and the how data usage changes in weekly basis and even daily basis. Machine learning based applications for these type of analysis are becoming common in the IT infrastructure. They are coming inbuilt functionality of the networking devices like routers.

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